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Hot Steam Pressure Cleaning Florida

Hot steam pressure cleaning is a hygienic type of cleaning that takes pressurized water and moves it through a boiler type coil that is then heated thus creating hot steam pressure. Do not confuse hot steam pressure cleaning to a hot pressure washer, these are two different machines.

Benefits of hot steam pressure cleaning:

  • Conforms to USDA and EPA standards
  • Uses less water to operate and clean
  • Heats water to over 250 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Creates steam pressure at 280 degrees and above all the way to 350 degrees
  • Requires no additional chemicals to clean
  • Cleans safer with less pressure, the steam does the work of cleaning
  • Removes and kills bacteria – Biofilm, E-coli, Listeria, Salmonella
  • Can be used indoors due to propane powered heat source

Hot steam pressure cleaning can be used in multiple industries such as:

  • Food processing facilities – floors, walls, etc
  • Equipment – conveyors, cutters, mixers, tables, washing tubs, screens
  • Storage and delivery trucks
  • Industrial Cleaning

Equipment can easily be cleaned using hot steam pressure cleaning.

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