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Custom Cleaning Solutions

Pro Max Cleaning can perform any type of custom cleaning solution that you may be encountering.
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We perform cleaning services for a wide variety of industries we serve. Due to our extensive experience working in numerous industries we can help formulate custom cleaning solutions for your facility or business.

We perform services to clean:

  • Facility structure – walls, floors, ceilings, duct-work
  • Equipment; food processing, manufacturing, packaging, electrical, etc.
  • Vehicles – transport vehicles, storage containers, etc

We can take apart and reassemble machinery and equipment to perform a deep cleaning if required due to our mechanical experience with machinery.

We use only approved cleaning chemicals certified by the FDA, USDA and EPA. Often times we perform our cleaning using very little to zero chemicals due to our enhanced methods of utilizing dry ice blasting and steam pressure.

For Machinery and Equipment we can clean and disinfect in the following way:

  • CIP - Clean In Place
  • COP - Clean Out of Place

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